Missfitte Talks by Creatis / Focus on an inclusive nightlife | YET

Tuesday, the 26th of November 2019 - from 18:00 to 20:00


Creatis supports and accelerates the development of young innovative startups and freelancers by offering them a specific program dedicated to creative industries. MISSFITTE, as a new resident focusing on inclusivity and nightlife, has an important voice Creatis wants to promote. That's why for this special occasion we adapt our well-known 'Creatis Talks' to 'Missfitte Talks by Creatis'.  

Toward an inclusive nightlife, beyond the hype
Through a non-conforming and self-critical prism we will navigate narratives of inclusion around the interactions between sexuality, gender, race, background, accessibility and artistic disciplines in today’s Brussels nightlife, and what role we shall play in its future.

We want to trigger a debate in a multi-shared space that offers itself as a starting point for a discussion that will need to continue beyond the trends.

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